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Become our Freelance Marketing Partner (FMP)

Please give only your official or legal name for which you have an ID Proof available..
We send you an activation link to this email address right away ..
You can change this number anytime later ..
I agree to the Terms & Conditions
    1. You must be an Individual to register with the 'Maxilla Technologies Private Limited' (herein referred as 'Company' that owns the Product Salefrog.in operating from Bangalore, Karnataka) as a FMP.
    2. You can be employed as full-time elsewhere since this is not any legal binding or an employement offer or any sort of contract with the Company.
    3. You can work any part of the day or the night that is most convenient to you. We do not have any restrictions that you have to work fixed time or number of hours
    4. You can be any gender, can live in any part of the world but must have been over 18years old at the time you sign up with us.
    5. You must register with your Legal Name , and other particulars as asked by the Company since our payment would be made ONLY in this name which cannot be changed at a later date.
    6. Cheque will be issued ONLY in the registered Name and will be sent to your Shipping Address as you registered. If you change your address, you must inform us before the cheque gets prepared for that month.
    7. You will be issued with an Unique Discount Code that can be used to avail credits for the transactions done through your Referral.
    8. You must not indulge in harassing the customers or annoying them to buy products from us. You must always be polite and must ensure you do not make repeat attempts that in most cases annoy the customers.
    9. You must be aware of the details of the Products listed in Salefrog and for any questions to understand more you can feel free to contact the seller directly and/or approach Salefrog to know more about the products which might help you promote them in a better way..
    10. You do not create a hostile environment in the form of competion with any other FMPs working along side of you or known to you of promoting similar (or the same) products listed in Salefrog.
    11. You can do marketing of Products either by Phone or Email or in Internet or in any mode that is most convenient to you.
    12. You don't give any false promises of the Products listed here and do not highlight something which the Product listed in Salefrog is not capable of doing or offering.
    13. Company would not reimburse any sort of expenses that you incur for the Marketing of the Products.
    14. You will get 1 Credit Points for every Rs.100 Bill Amount that happens through your referral. Example : If a customer completes the shopping for Rs.2000, You get 20 credit points if the sale was referred by you and customer quotes the discount code given to you. If the customer fail to quote the same before completing the sale, Company is not liable to tag that sale as referred by You..
    15. If the Order gets cancelled for any reasons by the Seller, the payment would be refunded back to the Customer hence your credit points would be reversed as well in such cases. You will be notified and can track the status of the Order as well that reflects your Discount Code. Everything is transparent to you.
    16. There is no fixed target that you must acheive to avail the credits. You avail credit points ONLY for the transactions that are referred by your UDC (aka. Unique Discount Code). If there are no Sale referred by You for a month, You DONT get PAID for the month.
    17. Any amount that is lesser than Rs.50 would be carry forwarded to the next month and would be paid to you in Cheque to avoid unncessary transaction and shipping charges for sending the Cheque to You.
    18. Payment will be made in INR (Indian Rupees) only and will be made either in NEFT (Internet Transfer) OR as a cheque depending on the convenience that will be decided by the Company.
    19. There may be TDS deductions on the amount to be paid out to you to comply Income Tax Department Rules as per Company Rules Act 2013.
    20. More details about how your credit points get converted to cash and how you can redeem will be made available to you when you get the FMP Login from Us.
    21. This is not a Job Offer or any sort of Legal Contract with you. There is no obligation from our end that this would get converted to a full-time position or a legal contract. You work with us with no legal binding and as a Freelance Marketing Partner. You can terminate this contract with us anytime as you would want and for any reasons you may have.
    22. Company has the complete rights to retain you to continue to work as a Marketing Partner OR terminate you for any reasons. In such case if there is a termination, We will try to provide with you a justifiable reasons and all the credits that you might have earned would be paid out to you.
    23. We like to work with complete transparency. This means, All the credits that you have earned through the referral and marketing by your efforts are made available to you in your dashboard. Any transaction that get converted to a sale would be notified to you and the credit earned through your referral would be informed to you instantly and would be shown clearly in your dashboard.
    24. All transactions/sale referred by you between 16th of the current month to the 15th of Next Month would be paid to you at the last Saturday of that month. (Example : All transactions happened between 16th of April to 15th May would be paid to you by 31st of May either as NEFT transfer to your Bank Account or as a cheque in the Name that you have registered with us).
    25. Company would not make any payments in CASH. You must make sure that you register with us with the name for which you have a valid ID proof and a Bank Account so that you would be able to encash the cheque that we send to you OR NEFT transfers are made whereever possible.
    26. You can just Terminate to work as FMP with us anytime by sending out an email to support@salefrog.in quoting your FMP ID after which your FMP account would be deleted and all the left over balance would be paid to you as the Final Cheque if the Amount exceeds Rs.50
    27. You can disclose the Unique Discount Code given to you to anyone. Sale that happens in Salefrog quoting your Discount code would be given credits ONLY to that particular Discount Code. There can be ONLY ONE discount code allowed per FMP and per Sale proceed with Salefrog hence it is assured to you that the customer referred by you would be allowed to quote ONLY one Discount code so that the credit goes to ONLY ONE FMP.
    28. Customer gets a discount by using your Unique Discount code hence they will be encouraged to use the Discount Code which also benefits them while giving you credit points. How much the discount given to the Customer will be the discretion of the company that might change time to time depending on the season, product, seller and other margins that the company has to bear in mind. But , it will be assured that all the discount code would carry the same level of discounts so it will be the same across all the FMPs
    29. Should you like to Stop working for us, You must inform us a month before you decide so that all the accrued balance can be paid to you as the last and final settlement cheque if the amount exceeds Rs.50.00
    30. You do not have rights to transfer your FMP Login to anyone else. Any other FMPs knowingly or not knowingly using your login or your FMP discount code are doing it at their own risks.
    31. Company holds the final discretion whether to ACCEPT or REJECT the registration filed for FMPs. You have no rights to intervene or influence.
    32. Once you complete the Registration for FMP, Please sit tight. We will review the details and would soon send you the login details to get you started with us..

    33. Last Updated 11 Dec 2014
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